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Services we provide

  • Securing the interests of the Airline.
  • Radio contact with the crew during the flight on our company's
  • Application for slots in the case of flow control restrictions
  • Considering changes in the flight plan or any other changes that
    would affect the flight
  • Receiving of the Declaration of each flight with exact passengers figures to determine the Airport taxes
  • En route and Local weather forecast
  • En route and Diplomatic Clearances
  • Overseas Clearances
  • Flight Watch
  • Passenger and Cargo Chartering
  • Presence at the Airport to Supervise and Coordinate Ground Handling
  • Presence upon arrival and personal contact with crew
  • Insuring that the Ground Handling Company (OA) is informed in time about any operational data or changes of any kind
  • Supervision of staff and equipment of the Ground Handling Company and the quality of its Service
  • Arrangement for all formalities
  • Supervision of check-in and seating
  • Taking care that all necessary services will be done reliably and in time
  • Receiving of orders from the crew and reports about irregularities
  • If necessary, take decisions in issues not concerning the routing
  • Supervision of the sending of operational messages
  • Fuel Service
  • Taking care that all regulations of the Airline are being followed
  • In house Catering and Facilities
  • Crew Transportation
  • Help in searching of lost luggage
  • 24 Hour Security on Field
  • 24 Hour Operation
  • Accommodation
  • Cargo Services
  • Ticketing Services
  • Pre pack Distribution
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